Low pressure molding

Injection molding with Hot Melt resins

In addition to the production of harnesses, Penta Group offers solutions for low pressure molding of plastic materials and overmolding.

Injection molding with hot melt resins is used for electrical and electromechanical components that require protection of parts from heat, humidity, dust and mechanical shocks.

This technology, thanks to rapid cycles and the use of aluminum molds, guarantees an improvement in productivity and a consequent reduction of costs, making it particularly suitable for small and medium quantities.

In addition, the low injection pressure of the resin avoids damage to the most delicate and sensitive components which, with the standard methods with PVC or silicone injections, given the high pressures, could instead be damaged.

The main applications for low pressure co-molding are:

  • Electrical components
  • Connector molding
  • Fasteners and Cable Glands
  • Insulation with plastic resins of PCB

To ensure high levels of quality, each process follows a rigid production process that defines the methods of preparation, implementation and control through specific tests.

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